This feature is available for advanced users and rooted devices only. File Manager HD can browse and modify system files when this feature is enabled.

You can find out the preference to enable root explorer in settings page:

Root Explorer: This preference setting will enable the ability to browse system elusive folders such as data folder, and view file permission in more details.

Mount System Folders: This preference setting will mount system folders as writable. You can modify/delete system files as needed.


When you enable root explorer feature, you will have a “Superuser request” as following, please approve it and do NOT check “ask me again” checkbox.

Please notice that using this feature in wrong way may break your Android system. We strongly suggest to turn off this feature when you do not need it.

Change File Permission

unroot explorer mode, you will have the ability to change system file permission:

Long click on file entry, from popup dialog, choose “Permissions” menu item to launch the permission dialog.
The permission dialog is as following:
Please notice that not all files support to modify permissions. The common files which can change permissions are system files. The common files which cannot change permissions are files on external storage such as external SD card.


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